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Diversified Companies, LLC
3721 Powers Court
Chattanooga, TN 37416
Phone: 423.499.0510
Toll Free: 800.899.2017
Fax: 423.499.9733

Managing Partner: John Dawson
Director of Operations: Phil James
Production Manager: Pete Wolfe
Customer Service Manager: Vanessa Tripp
Specialties: Sara McKaig
Art Director: Laura Sencabaugh
Mailing Manager: Tom Goddard

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Diversified Co
Marketing solutions company that provides graphic design, printing, mailing & fulfillment, promotional products & apparel
  • Top ten reason to direct mail: #8 Easy to personalize. People are always more likely to notice something which has their name on it!
  • Top ten reasons to use direct mail: #9 Budget saver Even with the rise in postage costs, using direct mail can still be affordable!
  • Top 10 for direct mail When you have mailing address, you are guaranteed mail going to that address and not digital junk box
  • it isn't as impressive as the new exit off of 75! I hope so too though. I am going to eat outside and catch AF1 fly over!